Windows 2000 has the distinction of being one of the few windows OS's that included beta drivers for the ORiNOCO cards which makes things just a bit harder.

Here's what to do:

If you haven't already, download the latest driver set from The name of the most current driver file is

 Right click on Client Manager and click on 'Exit'

2. Go into Add/Remove Programs and uninstall any ORiNOCO/WAVELAN software on the computer

3. Go into Device Manager and uninstall the PC Card and the PCMCIA Adapter.

4. Shut the computer down and remove the PC Card and the PCMCIA Adapter.

5. Start the computer up. Perform a search on the hard drive for *luc48*.* and delete any files it finds.

6. Perform a second search for *wvlan*.* and delete any files found.

7. Go into the Registry Editor. Click on 'Edit' then 'Find' and type in orinoco

8. The program will search the registry and will stop and hilight an item that meets the criteria. Right click on this item and delete it.

9. Press the 'F3' key to continue the search. Every time it stops, delete the hilighted item.

10. Once it gives you the 'Finished Searching Registry' message, in the left hand window, scroll to the top and to the left and click My computer

11. Repeat steps 7-10 but this time search for luc48

12. Once that search is done, perform a third search for wavelan

13. Once that is done, perform a 4th search for wvlan

14. Once the wvlan search is done, reboot the computer.

15. Shut the computer down and install just the Adapter card.

16. Boot the computer and let it install the adapter.

17. Restart the computer.

18. Run the file and have it unpack to the desktop (it should unpack 3-4 folders)

19. Insert the PC Card.

20a. If it detects and installs a WAVELAN/IEEE card, let it install then go into device manager and update the drivers.

20b. If it asks for the drivers, point it to the drivers directory you unpacked to the desktop.

21. Reinstall the client manager (in the CL_MGR directory)