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Allegedly armed man barricades himself

in apartment, requiring SWAT to subdue and extract him.


This event occurred on March 8th and 9th 2005 in Kennesaw Georgia.

The location is behind my neighbors house and I was conveniently secreted in an under-construction townhouse. shots.

Overview Video before the action began


Overview of scene


Assembled vehicles


Stereotypical backwards hat SWAT Officer



"Cool Shades" guarding perimeter



Can you spot the 2 SWAT guys hiding behind columns in the lower foyer?


Here come the reinforcements



Can you spot the SWAT guys watching the foyer exit?

The suspect is in the apartment to the right of the steps.



There they are!!

Night falls, hours pass,

then SWAT warns the subject to come out and then lobs 2 tear gas canisters through the windows. Very dark but you can see the "Peacekeeper"'s headlights and a flash of one tear gas cannon.


More time passes, and SWAT gives more warnings. Very dark but the audio is the prize here.



The aftermath!


Front side


Rear door


Tire tracks from Ex Military "Peacekeeper" ramming vehicle



The door is closed on this matter, as the Cobb County PD SWAT team (along with help from many other agencies)

professionally and safely extricates the subject.  I believe the marks to the left of the door handle are from the door-ram.

The End

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