Stompbox Web Page Established on June 14, 2005
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Stompbox was a Pebble Linux based embedded microprocessor whose sole purpose is to bridge Broadband Wireless EVDO (as sold by Verizon) to conventional WiFi. The original Stompbox was built by Tor Amundson. The idea was "stolen" and commercialized by the people who make "Broadband Hotspots" like the MiFi and others. In addition, when Android phones came out, the function was added to the phones themselves. There are still a few commercial versions made by people like Pepwave. I still have the board that this is made from (Soekris 4521) and will be glad to provide you one for free if you will cover my expenses.

With Stompbox, you can have a "Bubble of WiFi" around you wherever you go. Stompbox can serve up the Internet at broadband speeds via wireless as well as local Ethernet Lan. Stompbox runs on 12 Volts DC and works great in a car.

There was a Yahoo Stompbox group for users and builders of the "Stompbox" project. It was intended to share Stompbox construction, tips, software, and stories, but it has now disappeared.

I'm Ralph Fowler, N4NEQ and I hope we grow into a veritable legion of Stompboxers!

Inside my Stompbox With the antennas Another View

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If you think the Stompbox is interesting, you may want to sign up for the Stompbox List on Yahoo Groups!
Well, actually, you can't. It has disappeared.

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Original EVDO Stompbox construction article site became full of spam and useless and has now also disappeared

My page may be the only surviving Stompbox information.